RE: message from space track regarding bulk tle file

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2012 - 19:40:28 UTC

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    I (will) have two issues with this.. 
    I have no idea what my log in is. I just autodownload everything with
    Heavensat.. Heavensat knows, but I don't.. I could guess, as I try to only
    use one for everything I do, but.. (There are certain things that do not
    accept it, like FTPing to my server.. and no.. I do not know my Server log
    in either..)
    If it works out so that eventually I cannot download the Whole catalog every
    so often, I will be hosed, misidentifying many "observations".. to wit.. If
    I didn't have the catalog on Friday Night (and didn't check it) I would have
    missed USA 129, as a bright rocket body was on the same path about a minute
    prior. I would have followed it, if I didn't know it was coming..
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