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Date: Sun Aug 26 2012 - 17:20:23 UTC

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    Optics, nothing special, I have a GE x5. Takes pretty good pictures and the price was just right for my college student budget. 
    I had just figured out the time lapse settings which is how I made the gif animation of the NOSS pair to share with you guys. 
    As for binoculars the manufacture label was worn off many years before i bought them dirt cheap at a garage sale. I am pretty sure they are also nothing special. 
    I shall look for the EGP and post when I see it =) 
    John "Jay" Howson IV 
    "Why thank you, I will be happy to take those electrons off your hands." 
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    What optics are you using?? 
    I have some satellite videos on my website..  
    Click the blue button at the top that says Gallery.. or Multimedia.. 
    Whatever the heck it says.. 
    And scroll down.. 
    Be sure and check EGP.. "Disco Ball in Space".. Observing it is just for 
    fun.. In binoculars it looks like distant machine gun fire.. 
    Download and install Heavensat and then download Mike McCants Classified 
    file, as well as the others.. Positional observations of the Classified 
    objects is one thing to do.. 
    USA 129.. Lacrosse 4 and 5.. can be observed daily, as Pierre Niernick using 
    them to observe the Sun's interaction with the atmosphere.. 
    Morgan Hill, CA 
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    Hello all, 
    Alright, so as pointed out by a few of you (thank you) I have made an error 
    in my times. But that's ok, everyone makes themselves look like a moron 
    occasionally , its part of learning. 
    The correct pass data is 
    12 Aug -0.3 00:14:04 EST 10° NW 00:15:28 EST 18° NNW 
    00:15:28 EST 18° NNW 
    or 07:07UTC to 07:10UTC as pointed out in the below message. 
    Another member pmed me with the information that the object is the M-15M 
    freighter, as it remained in close proximity to the ISS to do some docking 
    tests for a few weeks. 
    Thank all of you for your help!! 
    So, as I did have a bit of fun doing this, whats next? Any suggestions for a 
    beginner like myself in this hobby? 
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    Hi Jay, 
    From your images I recognize the constellations of Cepheus in the 
    lower left and Pegasus in the upper right quadrants. With the 
    satellites moving from the lower left to the upper right, I think the 
    objects you saw could have been the NOSS 3-5 pair, which from your 
    location matches the flares. The pass would have been on August 12th 
    from 07:07UTC to 07:10UTC. 
    Here is a plot showing their track on the stars: 
    Like Ted said, to be absolutely sure of the identification you need to 
    provide an estimate of the time. 
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