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From: David Tiller (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2012 - 11:56:43 UTC

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    It would be a fairly straightforward exercise to write a simple web app that proxies requests to space track on registered user's behalf. This would eliminate cross-platform issues and make it point-and-click. The caveat - we are talking about sensitive data with a lot of rules attached, and I don't have an account. 
    If one of you can put me in touch with the beta devs, I can see what I can do. 
    On Aug 24, 2012, at 18:08, "Jonathan McDowell" <> wrote:
    > I agree with Greg. I think there's a further effect of the perennial desire
    > of young programmers to rewrite ancient applications using modern approaches.
    > In my communication with the beta team they did acknowledge, or at least claim,
    > that 'first do no harm' was their charge. But their focus is on the major defense
    > and corporate users who have their own programming staffs, and will be able to
    > use this interface to do clever things. 
    >  They do seem to be charged with getting rid of the 'bulk data file downloads'.
    > But I do encourage everyone who uses Space-Track to contact them with examples
    > of how they use the current service and comment on the extent to which you can't
    > see how to do it the new way. There are humans on the other end of the line and
    > they will at least read your input, especially if it is technical and detailed.
    > Whether it will cause changes is another matter.
    >  For what it's worth, I think it's technically possible to make things work with
    > the new system (I've seen worse - not uncommon for such 'improvements' to be
    > totally non-functional rather than just hard to use). Worst case, we pool our
    > knowledge to write packaged scripts that will do what SeeSatters need. I can
    > provide some expertise but I will need help with someone who knows how to do
    > the Microsoft side of things given my Unix-style command lines.
    > Ted, is this sufficiently on topic, or do we need a separate list?
    >   Jonathan
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