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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2012 - 07:58:47 UTC

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    Many thanks Simone....
    Things are beginning to look better - ie more hopeful - but it is still rather 
    bewildering to most - including myself - as to how exactly to implement your 
    script .
    When it comes to new things Im not particularly bright and I need to be led by 
    the hand as if I am completely stupid.
    (some will say I am - I will not dispute this)
    It reminds me of my professional days when trying to teach staff to do something 
    "complicated" with a pc etc - eg
    "1.Plug in computer - black cord at back of PC has to be plugged into socket on 
    wall and make sure the switch on the
        socket is down ( ie    "on". )
    "2.Switch on computer using the switch at the back of the PC"
    "3.Make sure the monitor is plugged in and switched on -- green light must be 
    "4.The screen will warm up and you should see writing on the screen  etc etc....
    ie   step by step instructions that anyone who can read (minimum requirement!) 
    can follow
    Another thing I recall is that most manuals for software assume the reader is an 
    expert  - when I first started playing with PC's I was presented with a 
    technical manual and told to learn how to use the computer the Observatory had - 
    a Data General NOVA - and write software to process astrometric plates for 
    parallax determination - most of these terms were completely new to me and I did 
    not even know what a computer looked like.
    Fortunately I dont think Im alone in this situation :-)).
    In my case I would want the whole catalog so in the one option you used earlier, 
    ie ">1" would probably be needed ( but we cant try this yet because the present 
    setup is only experimental and running on a very slow setup and to ask for all 
    satellites with a catalog number greater than 1 would result in one dying of old 
    age whilst waiting!)
    I am confident that in the course of time program writers, such as Alex of 
    HEAVENSAT fame , and Bill of GUIDE fame,to name another one,will incorporate 
    such scripts in their software so that the not so intelligent people ( ie ME!) 
    can continue with their satellite tracking as if nothing had changed.
    Enjoy your day
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