Wow ! Another dbl flare - ENVISAT

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Sun Aug 26 2012 - 04:37:12 UTC

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     HA said the ISS was going to transverse the half moon tonight for
    my location , but it was high by 1 degree instead , but later just
    as I was going to put my binocs away , suddenly another dual flare .
     HA shows it being    ENVISAT    ---    Pass details   
    AUG 26  03:21:38 UTC
    43.19247   -79.28318    103 M Elevation
     Used my cellphones stopwatch and managed to nail it right to the
    second for a change .
     Was around mag +3 then immediately flared for a few seconds to mag
     +0.5 then back down then 20 seconds later flared to mag -1.5 or so ,
    then back down and I lost it before it hit the Big Dipper .
     Again , sorry for sucking up the bandwidth but this really has been
    a fun week of spotting . I'm sure I'll calm down after a while .
    cheers & thanks for all the private mails and help that I've been
    getting off line . Every little bit helps at this point of my
    education .
     Not long ago I thought there was only Iridiums & the ISS to look for !
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