Re: message from space track regarding bulk tle file

From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2012 - 06:22:28 UTC

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    Morning (mine) - not good as cloudy and cold!
    See there has been some input whilst I was attempting to snore...
    Like most users I will probably be dependent on somebody else developing the 
    microsoft script needed to download what I want and Im sure my requirements are 
    the same as many others. Fortunately we are no longer in the era where one has 
    to pay one's server for connection time .
    Thanks Jonathan for pointing out that one can overcome the old epoch problem --  
    Im slowly learning and next time I experiment again will add this...
    It seems to me SPACETRACK are going about the problem in a rather cumbersome 
    way - as several have pointed out why not just limit a user to say one "visit" 
    or one zip download per day ?  In my case I only download the largest database 
    (< 1 megabyte) a few times a month , usually in anticipation of going to track 
    that night so my needs are met by one download, taking at most 5 minutes ( due 
    to the slowness of my link - soon to be increased 4x),  a few times a month.  If 
    one wants to access their database more often, and only for a relatively small 
    number of satellites, then the proposed system could be implemented
    Hopefully, as pointed out, the current slowness of the system is because its a 
    temporary set-up, otherwise things could grind to a halt - I dont know how many 
    users SPACETRACK has but probably quite considerable so if only a few hundred 
    are all attempting to get the full catalog its going to gum-up the works - to me 
    it seems far more simple to continue with at least a zip file of all public 
    Yes I do see a problem coming with the increase in number of objects over the 
    next few years - at the moment at least about 50% of the objects in the current 
    bulk download are not optically trackable -- I remove all the "obvious" debrii 
    from my database and end with about 6000 satellites - so if the bulk download 
    could be screened to exclude debri ( not sure how as "what is and what isnt 
    trackable" - maybe radar cross section ?).
    The user could do this by giving the catalog number of all (say) 6000 satellites 
    required (in my case) but this is rather clumsy.
    Anyway lets see what develops and other users ideas etc.
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