May have seen my First Flaring GEO (or UNID) ?

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Sat Aug 25 2012 - 04:59:33 UTC

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     Not listed on Heaven-above though . Absolutely no sats listed on HA
    for anything even close to 11:48 my time . A Big Dipper flare again .
     August 25  03:48   UTC
    43.19247    -79.28318      103 M Elevation
    sat was just sitting between Alioth and Megrez or ...
    between Alioth and Alcor . I lost it when I grabbed for my never
    handy binoculars and when I scanned the sky in that area it was
    just simply gone , so no idea what it's STD Mag might have been
    and I even forgot which side of Alioth it was on (damn-it) .
    Flared to ~ +2 mag for a few seconds then vanished . Really need
    to install a newer browser so I can check out Satflare's GUI ,
    and of course , Heavensat too . First rainy day !
    Aside from that a spectacular ISS pass tonight in Niagara . Big
    and bright and began by passing through the Big Dipper and then
    directly overhead and passing through the Summer Triangle , and
    beyond . Just gorgeous !
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