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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2012 - 22:50:57 UTC

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    Me again - last one before I got to sleep - past midnight here...
    I have been playing a bit with the sample of script that Simone provided that 
    came from the beta site and tried various things.
    Instead of specifying the catalog number one can use, as I did
    (--Ill only give part of Simone's script as Im sure to make a hashup somewhere-)
    NORAD_CAT_ID/1--200/ etc
    where I am asking for all elements with catalog number between 1 and 200 ---  
    well it works but it is really slow -- I did not time it but on my system I had 
    to wait about 10 minutes before I got all satellites with catalog numbers 
    between 1 and 200 which I saved as a text file.
    The actual dump to my PC was almost immediate once they had found the elements.
    There was no traffic going between me and the beta site in the interval between 
    request and dump so the "delay" is on their side.
    Whilst this method works it will take ages to get all the new elements in the 
    catalog and involves computer time their side so I wonder how much it can take 
    before they grind to a stop.
     It would appear the maximum allowed is 500000 otherwise the following error 
    message comes up
    NORAD_CAT_IDError:range above Max allowed (500000).
    I was using Firefox/Windows XP.
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