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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2012 - 21:34:37 UTC

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     Hi David
    Since the public SPACETRACK catalog does not contain so called "sensitive" 
    information as such I dont think this is the intention of the new scheme. As 
    Jonathan pointed out it would appear that the intention is to prevent the 
    anti-social behaviour of people who download far more than necessary and are now 
    planning on a rather more complex system to prevent such.
    As regards access to "sensitive" material this will not affect elements that are 
    provided by other sources ( eg the amateur network).
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    You said:
    > I personally think this is a
    > regressive step for anyone who wants to watch satellites, either for 
    > amusement,
    > education or whatever other purpose.
    I think that limiting access to such so-called 'sensitive' information may be 
    the point of this change.
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