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From: Marco Langbroek (
Date: Fri Aug 24 2012 - 15:28:51 UTC

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    > I think the best solution is to develop a program that connects
    > to the website, downloads only the new TLEs and reconstruct
    > locally the complete catalog updating the old one.
    Plus, I'd wish to suggest, it will need to save the complete old version of the 
    file for archive purposes. Simply updating a file to make it current, is not 
    enough. Some of us (e.g. me) want to be able to go back and pull a full 
    catalogue file out of the archive for a date significantly in the past.
    For example: a fellow amateur sends me a picture taken five months ago, on March 
    25. He asks me to identify a satellite visible on it.
    A complete tle set up to date to today (August 24) will be of *no use* for this 
    purpose. The tle epochs are too far out (they'll be for August 23-24, not March 
    23). I'll need a complete tle catalogue with epochs valid for (within a few days 
    of) March 25.
    Because I currently periodically archive the bulk download files from 
    Space-track, I actually can. I can go to my download archive and pull the 
    downloaded file "catalogue_3l_2012_04_23_am.txt.gz" from March 23, which is 
    close enough to March 25 to be usefull *and will contain tle's of all objects of 
    that moment, with an appropriate tle epoch*.
    - Marco
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