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Date: Fri Aug 24 2012 - 11:48:50 UTC

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    I'm trying to see how it works, but it is very very slowly and sometimes it 
    reply at all.
    Is it a problem of my system/connection or are you experiencing the same
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    >Ogg: Re: message from space track regarding bulk tle file
    >Op 24-8-2012 9:55, Greg Roberts schreef:
    >> Morning all
    >> Unless Im being dense this time of the day it looks like we may have a 
    >> As I understand it one has to specifically identify the satellites one 
    >> orbital elements for so getting the entire public Spacetrack catalog as we 
    >> currently get it is not possible unless one wants to type in thousands of
    >> satellite catalog numbers which I dont think is possible.
    >> Please somebody tell me I misunderstand the situation.
    >> Cheers
    >> Greg
    >It does seem that keeping a TLE archive of the full catalogue of objects will 
    >more cumbersome. It will not be easy to periodically archive (as I now do) 
    >one click the full catalogue of all element sets at a particular date. Which 
    >handy when one wants to check reported sightings to the full catalogue for 
    >example, even if the sighting is 1-6 months ago or more.
    >Also, the new structure sucks if you are not a script-kiddy. It is perfect 
    >retrieving data based on custom scripts, but it eliminates the more "human" 
    >retrieval through a much more simple point and click GUI.
    >It puts up an extra barrier to the data retrieval. For those of us not used 
    >programming scripts and the logic behind scripting, this is a headache and a 
    >I have always hated scripts, command-lines etcetera. Give me a simple visual 
    >interface that is intuitive and doesn't involve a need to "remember" (and 
    >understand) esoteric scripting semantics.
    >Maybe those of us who are handy with scripts and software development, could 
    >help out here. For example by writing a *platform independant* retrieval 
    >(for example a javascript application that will work in any web browser) that 
    >able to recreate the old GUI and retrieve data and datasets similar to the 
    >retrievable through the old GUI when the new structure goes into effect.
    >- Marco
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