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From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2012 - 04:47:11 UTC

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    At 12:58 PM 23/08/2012, wrote:
    >that the ISS pass I observed was the following 
    >12 Aug 14:21:13 10° W 14:24:07 28° NNW 
    >14:27:02 10° NE The times are in EST and my 
    >location is 43.08252398,-77.66945601 So, in my 
    >quest, I figure that the members of this list 
    >would have the knowledge base to point me 
    >towards the correct tools to aid me in figuring 
    >this out, hopefully teaching me something along 
    >the way. =) Thank you for any assistance, Jay H.
    Jay, the times given above if they are EST cannot 
    be of the ISS pass , they are during daylight!!
    I think you will find it was the progress M-15M 
    freighter that was undocked from the ISS to do some
    experiments the russians wanted to do. This gave 
    it 3 weeks of independent flight. I was deorbited
    into the South Pacific on August 20. This is 
    mentioned in the current issue of Jonathon's Space report.
    Tony Beresford 
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