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Date: Thu Aug 23 2012 - 03:28:04 UTC

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    Hello All, 
    I am new to satellite tracking specifically and to this mailing list , but have always had an interest in astronomy and the sciences. 
    I was observing meteors Aug 11-12 from Rochester NY, doing a little (admittedly very amature) astrophotography, when I managed to catch the ISS. 
    But I also managed to catch something else as well. It is a much fainter companion, that had the appearance of orbiting along the same trajectory as the ISS. I also observed both with my eyes. 
    I was taking time lapse images, I was able to string them together in this GIF animation, unfortunately my camera was set to capture meteors, and not the ISS, so the images are perfectly centered on the earths shadow. But you can see it on the bottom left and then again on the top right, very faintly in between.  
    Since then I have been poking around the internet trying to figure out what it was and that has led me to this email list. 
    I stupidly did not note the exact time this occurred , but after a little digging I believe that the ISS pass I observed was the following 
    12 Aug 14:21:13 10° W 14:24:07 28° NNW 14:27:02 10° NE 
    The times are in EST and my location is 43.08252398,-77.66945601 
    So, in my quest, I figure that the members of this list would have the knowledge base to point me towards the correct tools to aid me in figuring this out, hopefully teaching me something along the way. =) 
    Thank you for any assistance, 
    Jay H. 
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