RE : My First Bright Double Flashing UNID

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Thu Aug 23 2012 - 03:17:54 UTC

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       Thanks for the private replies . With your help I'll eventually
    begin to get the hang of this thing .
      Figures ... Heavens-above did list the sat as SPOT 5 and gave an
    excellent drawing of it's pass but in my haste I missed it .
    No flare info though , but I suppose
    that information is not always available or known (no idea) .
     Also , Satflare _DID_ show the SPOT 5 after I increased the Mag
    parameter from 5 to 6 . Heavens-above showed Mag as between 2.7
    and 3.5 , which I think is too high . I lost sight of the sat after
    it flared , but I can easily see big Dipper's Megrez (~mag 3) and
    even Mizar's tiny companion , Alcor (~ 4.0) .
    Thanks for your time,
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