Standard Flare Reports - FPAS 1.2 Ready

Date: Sat Aug 18 2012 - 15:21:51 UTC

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    I have concluded the definition of the FPAS standard (v 1.2) according 
    to the feedbacks I received these days.
    With respect to the previous document, I added a flag for stating a “steady” 
    behaviour (as suggested by Brad Young) and two digits in the header that 
    specify the standard version (as suggested by Gavin Eadie). I’ve also 
    reviewed the letters assigned to the different events and applied some other 
    changes (as suggested by Bram Dorreman).
    From now on, I will start collecting FPAS reports (maybe with the help of 
    checking their consistency and completing the required/missing fields. 
    Since the aim of the FPAS is not only limited to the report stage but it is 
    related to the collection and transmission to users/analysts, my intention is 
    to develop in the following days/weeks (at the satflare site) a database with
    a web page where users can see and search for reports (at least by satellite, 
    type of event, date, and location/station).
    FPAS reports are self contained (they embed all the main parameters 
    required to describe the event) and can be processed by tracking programs 
    to show/analyze the event.
    My online tracking software is already able to interpret FPAS reports 
    (accessible through a button in the FPAS reader). 
    Try for example the following FPAS related to an event recently reported on 
    I intend to implement the FPAS standard also in my 3D desktop program, to 
    release the new version and to publish the source code that may help
    other programmers to support FPAS in their own programs.
    The up-to-date document is available at: 
    The online report generator is available at:
    The online reader and tracker are available from:
    Best regards,
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