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From: Q (blanders@indy.rr.com)
Date: Sat Aug 18 2012 - 04:08:30 UTC

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    I am a long time reader of SeeSat (lurker) and also a long time user of
    STSPlus since purchasing the 3.5" floppies many years ago from David Ransom.
    I am still using version 0223. I time sync at time.nist.gov. I also will
    occasionally check tracking web sites. Tonight (17 August) while looking at
    the spaceweather.com tracking site I found a pass of Idefix & Ariane 42B for
    22:55:06 coming from the south and moving north at 81 degrees. My location
    is near Fortville Indiana. After loading new TLEs and checking STSPlus, the
    Idefix satellite was shown to be passing exactly one hour earlier than the
    spaceweather site prediction. When I stepped outside, I saw what I believe
    was the Idefix satellite going almost directly overhead south to north just
    as was shown on the STSPlus program, but at 21:55:00 (one hour early). Now
    here is where I have issues: When tracking the ISS on STSPlus and comparing
    pass predictions with multiple other web sites, the STSPlus always seems to
    be about an hour off. Who is right? Is there a general consensus among the
    readers concerning the time accuracy of the various web sites that provide
    tracking information? Also, has anyone else observed this one hour anomaly?
    Blaine Landers
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