R: Is there another Online sat sighting database besides HA ?

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Wed Aug 15 2012 - 08:26:03 UTC

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    try with the advanced search of satflare.com. You can search for all the
    objects up in your sky in real time or at a given time. For example, if
    you want to search all the objects in real time with at least 10 degrees of
    elevation and brighter than magnitude 5, run this link:
    (copy the whole link)
    if you want to check for a specified time add to the link the time (UTC). For 
    example for 03:02 UTC:
    After the list is shown, click on the button "Track All These Objects" to see 
    the objects in3D around the
    Earth and on the sky chart.
    Best regards,
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    >Ogg: Is there another Online sat sighting database besides HA ?
    > Yet another sat sighting that is not listed on Heavens Above . Except for
    >possible rocket bodies or Lacrosse , I don't think I've ever seen a sighting 
    listed on HA
    >that coincides with anything  that I've seen . Certainly nothing -1 or 
    brighter .
    > Is there another online database that will suggest when one may observe
    >sats in their area of the planet ?
    > Nice sat though , lasted 4-5 minutes and came just after the ISS passed at
    >02:54 UTC . NASA said 1 minute ISS pass but it was 3 minutes . Under the big
    >dipper and then under Polaris .
    >UTC 03:00 August 15/2012
    > 42.95843
    >-2 fading to -1 Mag (somewhat hazy skies)
    >90 degree altitude (begin) to 50 degrees (end)
    >begin S/W of Vega directly overhead
    >end in the N/E after passing through Cassiopeia
    >fairly slow moving , maybe 50% of ISS
    >sighting lasted 4-5 minutes
    >thanks in advance
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