What are these satellites?

From: Leo Wikholm (satelliitit@wippies.fi)
Date: Mon Aug 13 2012 - 17:02:29 UTC

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    Harry and Kirsi Lehto observed very bright satellites when they were 
    Perseids meteor shower in Kaarina, Finland. They took a photo which 
    reveals two satellites
    on the right.
    Observation site: Kaarina, Finland +60.24N +22.22E 20 m ASL
    Time: August 12, 2012 at 1.36 local time (UTC+3)
    So, the UTC time was August 11, 22.36
    Horizont is on the rightside. On the top left are you will see Vega and 
    below is Cygni
    and on the bottom right you will find Altair.
    I have tried to track this by using Space Track elements with Heavensat, 
    but there are no
    good results available.
    I have also received two other (no photo) observations from this same 
    Best regards,
    Leo Wikholm
    Satellites and rockets
    Ursa Astronomical Assocation
    Helsinki, Finland
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