Re: 12044A / 38744: altitude increasing?

From: Jonathan McDowell (
Date: Sun Aug 12 2012 - 16:23:45 UTC

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    Bob, SES-3 was a US bus which required an adapter. The closer analogy is to
    2009-007 which paired an Ekspress bus with a Yakhta/Kazsat bus - I am pretty
    sure no adapter is required with this pairing, by design.
     So perhaps the rapidly decaying object is an unexpected piece of debris
    associated with the failure?
     Or, if the APT vented its prop, perhaps it does have a small mass/area ratio -
    can you compare to other low-perigee APTs like 37800? An empty torus with no
    engine hardware will definitely come down faster than the rest, I estimate
    M/A is 4 times smaller than the Briz 
      Do you think the flattening out of 44C is real? That might imply it's actually
    the Telkom payload reported to be now responding to ground command.
     - Jonathan
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