Re: CB Obs August 10/11, 2012: w/ USA 224, Lac 5, Helios 1A/2B, IGS 6A/7A/O2

From: C. Bassa (
Date: Sat Aug 11 2012 - 16:46:43 UTC

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    Hi Ted,
    On Sat, Aug 11, 2012 at 4:03 PM, Ted Molczan <> wrote:
    > Predicted magnitude of both objects at the time you watched for them was ~9 +/- 2. Perhaps they were too faint?
    That is entirely possible. I estimate I would have seen anything
    brighter than 7th magnitude, and for these passes the phase angle was
    not great. Unfortunately this was the only pass my horizon allowed me
    to observe.
    > Also, depending on your FOV and whether or not you were in a planar search mode, they might have passed outside your
    > FOV.
    Though the pointing was fixed at a particular az/el, the planes of
    both 11731 and 11732 at these altitudes were both contained in the
    7.3x5.3 deg field of view between 01:53UT and 02:26UT.
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