Re: Terra Sar X and Tandem X flare - FPAS

Date: Mon Aug 06 2012 - 12:21:36 UTC

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    I've generated the related FPAS report as a test:
    k1kkNNN,N,-,-,-,-,-,-,TANDEM X (36605) Flared as well;
    The online reader can be used to see the report:
    To highlight the advantages to have flare reports in a standard format, 
    I've added a button to the reader that open the report in the 
    online 3D Tracker.
    Copy and past the report in the reader and click on the button "View this 
    report with the
    online 3D Tracker". 
    >----Messaggio originale----
    >Data: 6-ago-2012 13.40
    >A: <>
    >Ogg: Terra Sar X and Tandem X flare
    >Hi all,
    >After watching the awesome MSL landing via NASA TV earlier today, I decided 
    to point out Mars to my wife and eldest son tonight.  What a nice surprise when 
    a closely-spaced pair of very bright unknowns streaked between Saturn and Mars, 
    flaring to approx -2 (most likely brighter) for approx 10-15 seconds before 
    fading again. Time was 08:27:45 UTC (Aug 6), which was 18:27:45 local (AEST).
    >A quick load of the latest elements into Heavensat reveals them to be TERRA 
    SAR X (31698) and TANDEM X (36605).
    >Mal Ninnes
    >Sydney, Australia
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