Flare Standard Reports (FPAS) - Update

From: satrack@libero.it
Date: Sun Aug 05 2012 - 19:14:54 UTC

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    I’ve just concluded a revision of the FPAS standard. Following the 
    received comments I implemented the following changes:
    1)	The Station COSPAR ID can be used instead of the observer ID. 
    2)	The online generator now asks only initials and last digits of day 
    and year of birth in order to highlight that the full details are not used. 
    A different method can be conceived to generate the observer ID but 
    I fear it would result to complicate… (e.g. adding month and year)
    3)	I introduced the token “inv” for invisible magnitude
    4)	I added all the 7 formats of the IOD standard for specifying 
    RA/DEC and AZ/EL (this would also make conversions from IOD 
    to FPAS easier)
    5)	The task of including the full TLE is left to the FPAS collector. 
    The reporter can embed the TLE epoch if needed. (However,
    when not forbidden the reporter can still embeds free TLEs)
    6)	I added a flag to distinguish GEO flare from “regular” flare
    I have also decided to extend the report adding some optional fields 
    (in order to cover many flare reports that I often read here on seesat):
    A)	Extending the idea to distinguish between GEO and “regular” 
    flares, I added a new block of flags which describes both speed 
    and direction of the satellite. This will help also in case of satellite 
    B)	I added a field to specify how long the observation lasted
    C)	I added some flags to specify when the flare/flash/event peak 
    occurred with respect to the observation interval
    D)	I added a format for specifying azimuth by means of cardinal points
    E)	I added a format for specifying flare magnitude as a relative change
    F)	Other minor changes such as new fields for the magnitude 
    uncertainty, estimation method…
    The new version (v1.2) of the document (with all changes marked in 
    red) can be found at this link:
    The up-to-date generator is available at this link:
    In addition, I’ve created a new tool that allows FPAS reports to be 
    easily checked and displayed in a user-friendly format:
    Try for example this test report:
    I suggest trying the new format without publishing the token FPAS 
    until the format will be confirmed. The online generator 
    writes the token TEST instead of FPAS.
    I will be waiting for new comments and requests.
    Best Regards,
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