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Date: Sun Aug 05 2012 - 01:18:20 UTC

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      For most of us skywatching is an outdoor sport and one little tool I couldn't live without
    is 's radar maps . Many , many options to choose from and configureand customize , but just the bare-bones default and changed to the Google Maps satellite view
    is all I ever use .
     The maps update frequently also , which is very key (every 2-3 minutes here) .
     To get there quickly visit and choose 'Wundermaps' from the home
    page , or type in your nearest city and select it from the list , then scroll down and
    click on the 'Wundermaps' icon or do a mouse-over on the thumbnail radar map showing and
    then click on the 'wundermap' logo to go straight to the satellite radar map .
    - When you get to the map view , choose 'Satellite' from the map's top-right pulldown .
    - Then update the view using the calendar pulldown at the map's top-center and select
     'reset to now' and instantly the map is updated .
     If the map is cluttered with wind/temp/precip data , simply unselect 'Weather Stations'
    from the far-right control panel .
     Zoom in and out at will or choose 'animate' from the control panel at far-right . With
    a zoomed in view I can watch a storm approach and pass and see if there is another cell
    on the way or not . I can see it storm on the far side of the city while it is still
    calm over on this side .
     There is also a satellite radar option on the far-right panel too . Cloud cover is an
    obvious issue and I find wundermaps a little weak here so I choose 's
    radar maps for my area and select 'cloud cover' once it loads . The drawback here is that
    updates are slow to come and are often over an hour old which is pretty much useless if
    you're just trying to sneak out to see if you can spot that -7 Iridium through the high
    cloud layer (I have several times) .
     I'd be curious to know how well wundermaps work outside of N/S/C America and if they are
    a good choice for Europe/Asia/Australia/etc .
    Cheers & hope this API helps your viewing performance .
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