Another unusual sighting

From: joseph daniel (
Date: Wed Aug 01 2012 - 04:21:39 UTC

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      Maybe a kind of "heads up" .
     Was on my balcony waiting for Iridium 67 & 68 to fly by when , something bright rose up quickly from the ground and
    appeared to come from just a couple blocks away . However , I could see soon enough that although it was very well
    lit it also appeared to be turning and wavering slightly as it rose .
     I could make out a kind of shape , maybe star shaped or rectangular but whatever shape it was it looked to me to
    be a balloon , transparent , perhaps filled with a lighter than air gas , and maybe some kind of very white light .
     The thing is , that once it got up to a high altitude , all you could make out was that it was a bright light
    that appeared to be moving slowly across the sky . I lost it in the trees and couldn't hazard a guess as to how
    long it continued to ascend or how dim it finally got . Sorry for that .
     The last I did see of it however could have easily been mistaken for a UNID .
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