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Date: Wed Aug 24 2011 - 00:39:18 UTC

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    Some additional data points..
    Time was 9:56 PM PDT upon running back in the house and checking the time.
    And the fourth star in the Summer Diamond is Rasalhague..
    Duration seemed to be 3 - 4 seconds.. Was decidedly slow..
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    OK.. So I didn't observe ORS-1 tonight (but I will tomorrow night) as..
    Get this..
    There was a guy running around again with a couple large rifles.. I do live
    in the country, but don't know this guy.. ANYWHO!
    So the dogs bark a minute ago, so I stumble outside to make sure he isn't
    slashing my tires or what have you..
    High in the Southwest is what looks like an Iridum Flare.. Brilliant blue
    white.. I have to look down so I can step off the deck as it is headed
    through the Zenith.. When I look back up less than half a second later, it
    is bright orange and fragmenting.. I have only seen reentries on video, but
    that was my first thought. Apparent speed was right and it "dropped" two
    "pieces" off..
    Rough path was.. and I can look it up tomorrow if need be.. 
    Think Summer Triangle, but make it into a diamond with the 4th star opposite
    Deneb high in the S west.. Big Diamond..
    Path was from before this star in SW to the center star in the Northern
    Cross.. I think M29 is right there..
    It was AWESOME, whether it was a fireball or a small piece of artificial
    Derek Breit
    Morgan Hill, CA
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