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Date: Tue Aug 23 2011 - 16:26:37 UTC

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    On Mon, Aug 22, 2011 at 10:16 PM, Derek C Breit
    <> wrote:
    > High in the Southwest is what looks like an Iridum Flare.. Brilliant blue
    > white.. I have to look down so I can step off the deck as it is headed
    > through the Zenith.. When I look back up less than half a second later, it
    > is bright orange and fragmenting.. I have only seen reentries on video, but
    > that was my first thought. Apparent speed was right and it "dropped" two
    > "pieces" off..
    This reminds me of an object I saw long ago, when I was a kid in
    Buffalo NY with a little telescope, watching the sky to the southeast
    of my house. I think I was looking through the scope at Jupiter
    rising. Don't recall the year, but it would have had to have been
    early 1960s. All of a sudden, I sensed a bright white flash out of the
    corner of my eye and looked toward it. By the time I had adjusted to
    the glare, the object had broken up into a spray of orange-red
    particles, much as in your description of what you saw. Then it
    vanished. The entire display took just a few seconds, and it left me
    wondering what, if anything!, I saw---likely a bolide, all things
    considered. There were no reports in the Buffalo papers the next day,
    so I may have been the only person in the city to have seen it.
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