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From: Roger (
Date: Tue Aug 23 2011 - 16:08:37 UTC

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    Going through some time lapse photos I took this past Saturday, I have
    what may be a satellite in the photo.  I say maybe because I can't see
    evidence of a sat in the pic immediately before.
    The photo was taken Saturday, ~22:10 ( Sunday 05:10 UTC) at about 44
    15' 38" N,  121 48' 4 W at 1620M elev.     I was awaiting an ISS pass
    in about 15 minutes, when I figured I'd take a pic with the airplane
    in it. (on the right).    Later on, I discovered what looks to be a
    faint satellite almost dead center.
     this was the last of a series, the other pics don't have that faint
    streak along the same path.
    The peak on the left is probably about 80 degrees from my location.
    I did see a couple of meteors that night, so it could have been that.
    30 second exposure.
    Anybody up for the challenge?
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