RE: He got to see his first Iridium flare

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Date: Mon Aug 22 2011 - 19:06:40 UTC

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    The brighter iridium flares are visible during daylight, so you don't have
    to wait for the night to draw others to the hobby!
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    Subject: He got to see his first Iridium flare
    This morning at work, I had a taxi driver come by. I told him about
    something in the night sky I planned to watch.
    At 8:01 utc, Iridium 77 gave a nice -8 flare. He enjoyed the show.
    I told him about a site where he can get info on iridium flares, so he can
    see more of them.
    The joy's of working at night, I can go outside alot when there's no one in
    the store. So nice to do some work outside instead of being stuck in the
    store all day like my past work place.
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