RE: Suggestions for visual satellite tracking software?

From: Derek C Breit (
Date: Mon Aug 22 2011 - 17:58:54 UTC

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    Yep, when I am not integrating, i.e. in this last batch of videos from me,
    exposure is 1/60s..
    It'll be a long time before I ever try to record straight to the computer. 
    Recording to tape first is the only way to go for flawless data.
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    Morning Derek
    Another night of heavy rain...... sun now trying to make an appearance.
    I dont have any plans to update the manual as so many changes/improvements 
    have been made to HEAVENSAT during the past five years that it will 
    basically require an entire re-write and even then I would probably miss 
    some features.
    What exposure are you using for your video images - 1/60th sec ?   Im 
    thinking about changing my video system and instead of recording to DVD go 
    instead direct to hard drive - I have a digital Satellite TV card (COMPRO 
    S350) in my one pc which has provision for S-video input so will be able to 
    record at good quality and not too enormous a file - computer technology has
    improved a lot since I started doing video tracking about a decade ago !
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