determining orbital parameters of artifical satellites

From: seda aydın (
Date: Thu Aug 04 2011 - 12:04:41 UTC

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    I'm Seda from Turkey. I'm a graduate student at Astronomy and Space Sciences
    in Ankara University, Turkey. My thesis is about observing artifical
    satellites and space debris in LEO and GEO orbits. My aim is to able to
    observe them with commercial telescopes and obtain scientific datas.  End of
    these, i want to determine their orbital parameters. I looked into your
    website and i want to ask you ' Do you determine satellites and space
    debris' orbital parameters? If it is yes, how?' Because i need to learn this
    specific information. I know two technics are tracking and survey. But how
    to make them? I mean, what is the optimal conditions for telescope, software
    and the most important thing that methods of finding orbital parameters?
    Thank you
    Seda AYDIN
    Seda AYDIN <>
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