NanoSail-D bright flashes

From: Arto Oksanen (
Date: Sun Jul 31 2011 - 23:43:23 UTC

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    I saw NanoSail-D from Muurame, Finland (62N, 25E) half an hour ago
    while watching very nice Notilucent cloud display. The satellite was
    very bright rising on southern sky left of Cygnus. It was flashing
    with a period of one second or so, being well brighter than Vega when
    brightest and about the same magnitude between the bright flashes. It
    faded gradually and I lost it when it reached Perseus. The sky was
    clear but quite bright.
    The pass details from Heavens Above:
    The satellite was imaged from the automatic AllSky camera taking 30
    second exposures about every minute. The camera is located at Nyrölä
    observatory about 35 North from me.
    best regards,
    Arto Oksanen
    Muurame, Finland
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