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From: Patrick Schmeer (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2010 - 19:45:58 UTC

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    I suppose you meant 00:43 UT.
    According to
    your satellite was BREEZE-M DEB (TANK) (2006-056B/
    29649). It entered Earth's shadow at 00:43:05 UTC.
    This month I observed several overhead passes of such
    objects. They were easily visible to the naked eye and
    reached mag +1.
    --- Dr. Stephen Bolton <> wrote:
    > I saw what I take to be a low orbit (or at least
    > perigee sat last night (August 30th). I wonder if
    > a re-entry might be in its near future?
    > It was crossing the sky at the same time as the ISS
    > (and just about 20 degrees south and west of the ISS)
    > and it  was travelling appreciably faster.
    > Time was 21:43-21:44 local ADT (00:23 UT August 31st)
    > and the sat was moving west to east almost overhead.
    > Magnitude 1-2 overhead when noticed then fading over
    > 15 seconds to mag 5 then invisible.
    > Would appreciate some help with the ID. Thanks.
    > Steve Bolton
    > Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada
    > 46.2874N
    > 67.5316W
    > El 130m
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