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From: Dr. Stephen Bolton (
Date: Tue Aug 31 2010 - 19:25:27 UTC

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    I saw what I take to be a low orbit (or at least perigee sat last night
    (August 30th). I wonder if a re-entry might be in its near future?
    It was crossing the sky at the same time as the ISS (and just about 20
    degrees south and west of the ISS) and it  was travelling appreciably
    Time was 21:43-21:44 local ADT (00:23 UT August 31st) and the sat was moving
    west to east almost overhead. Magnitude 1-2 overhead when noticed then
    fading over 15 seconds to mag 5 then invisible. 
    Would appreciate some help with the ID. Thanks.
    Steve Bolton
    Somerville, New Brunswick, Canada
    El 130m
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