possible reentry, colorado springs...

From: Skywise (skywise@skywise711.com)
Date: Mon Aug 30 2010 - 03:03:06 UTC

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    ... at 7:56pm (+- 1 minute) local time. Was moving from NW to SE.
    Zenith estimated to be to my SW at elevation 45 degrees. Am aware
    of difficulty estimated zenith, no reference stars, so give me some
    wiggle room on that. I caught it while it was SSW and moving SE.
    Brilliant bright blue core with yellow debris around. I only caught
    the last few seconds of it but it looked exactly like reentry video's
    I've seen. Was NOT fast enough to be a meteor.
    I am located just NE of Colorado Springs, approx 38.95N, 104.66W
    at 7030 feet.
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