Bright pass of Iridium 36

From: David Tiller (
Date: Sun Aug 29 2010 - 19:34:07 UTC

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    I observed a high-elevation pass of what I think was Iridium 36 (24967, 97056C), which is listed on calsky as 'tumbling'. From the extreme variations in magnitude and color, I'd say it was tumbling fairly rapidly.
    Calsky predicted magnitude 5.7 at culmination, but I estimate that it was closer to 2 at its brightest, since my wife and I were having trouble seeing magnitude 3 objects, and this was easily visible as it passed Vega. It faded to invisible between maxima. It was a dark red in color when visible, and whitish at maxima.
    21:21:10 EDT Aug 28th / 01:21:10 UTC Aug 29th +- 5 sec passed closest to Vega (less than a finger's width at arms length), location 37.7133N 77.5275W .
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