RE: Laser retroreflectors on recent NOSS?

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Fri Aug 27 2010 - 18:11:41 UTC

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    > Also note that the paper was from 1997, and that the one satellite mentioned by name was TOPEX/Poseidon. They do make reference to satellites in a particular orbit, but not by name.
    The paper says an 1100 km refernce orbit, which is consistent with NOSS but not Topex-Poseidon. Topex isn't much different, ~1,300 km, and may have been a convenient, unclassified surrogate.
    And, circumstantially, the Midway Research Center is run by the part of NRL that has previously been associated with NOSS (Naval Center for Space Technology, Code 8100). 
    No guarantees, but it retroflectors on newer NOSSes look like an interesting possibility.
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