Re: Search elements of suspected Helios 2B-related UNID

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Thu Aug 26 2010 - 21:45:35 UTC

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    --- On Thu, 8/26/10, Marco Langbroek <> wrote:
    > Misty-2 (USA 144) is something of the Holy Grail, even
    > though it might have been deorbited (or not).
    The longevity of the later KH-11 derived satellites, of which at least Misty-1 and probably Misty-2 are thought to be members, makes the possibility that M-2 might be still up there something to keep in mind.
    I suspect that the limiting factor in their lifetime is the ability to maintain strict attitude control, as that's almost certainly crucial for staying stealthy. Once that runs out, I'd expect them to be deorbited.
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