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Date: Mon Aug 23 2010 - 15:01:39 UTC

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    If a satellite is on the dark side of the Earth at some later time the
    (1) Sun will rise on the satellite, yet the sub nodal point will be in 
    the dark.
    Later the (2) Sun will rise on the current sub nodal point and
    later the (3) Sun will be South of the sub nodal point,
    later the (4) Sun will set on the sub nodal point and
    finally the (5) Sun will set on the satellite.  Is there a graphical 
    representation of these 5 key points?
    I ask because my friend with the good telescope says X37B is up around 4 
    am California time, but that's not a good time to image it because the 
    marine layer (fog) is dense then.  Knowing these 5 key points on the 
    orbit would tell you not only when it would be a good time to look for 
    the satellite but also when the satellite would have a good view of the 
    Have Fun,
    Brooke Clarke
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