I saw a plane or ufo???? observation

From: Michael Boschat (aa063@chebucto.ns.ca)
Date: Sun Aug 22 2010 - 00:56:33 UTC

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    Hi all:
      Yeahhhhhhhhh..... this is interesting. I had my 6" Maksutov out to look
    at the Moon and was working at 60x. Now the weird part. I looked up and saw a
    red light which I thought was a satellite moving just a bit slower than ISS
    passes. What caught my attention was that there were NO green or white  
    lights, the red light was steady. I tried following the object with the Mak.
    and saw no green or white flashing lights, the red "light" was steady  
    and it was
    like a comet and coma, a point source with 2 faint reddish jets to  
    either side.
    Now, I did have to focus the scope and the object just missed passing over the
    Moon near 2356 UT by about 1/4 degree. I just could see a silouette of  
    the object but not get a real good determination as to shape.
      But, I'm just puzzled that there was no normal aircraft lights noted.
    Date: August 21/22
    Time: 2355-2359 UT
    Place: Halifax,Nova Scotia
    Lat: N44d 39'
    Long: W63d 36'
    Object first seen overhead just pass Vega. It color was red and no
    other aircraft lights seen,no sound either. Estimated mag naked eye
    close to Vega (0 Mv).Missed Moon near 2356 UT. In scope it was just a steady
    reddish point of light and probaly cast it's glow as there were 2  
    faint reddish
    jet like protuberances on each side. It faded out about 3-5 degrees below the
    Moon. Speed was a little less than ISS passes. And I had to re-focus on it
    so the Moon *was* out-of-focus.
      My unusal observation... I guess...I'll assume it *was a plane but not to see
    the regular FLASHING red,green,white is what caught my eye.
      Any ideas?
    Clear skies
    Michael Boschat
    Halifax Center - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
    Astronomy page:  http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~aa063
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