Re: 2 weeks until geo sat eclipse season

From: George Roberts (
Date: Thu Aug 19 2010 - 14:37:31 UTC

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    More specifically, observe within a week or so of these dates given your 
    latitude    optimum date
    -80         01 September
    -60         04 September
    -40         09 September
    -20         15 September
    0           23 September
    +20         30 September
    +40         07 October
    +60         12 October
    +80         15 October
    Try to look near the antisolar sun point along the declination in the sky 
    that holds all the geosats at the edge of the earth's shadow in the early 
    evening.  Binocular searching is ideal.  Occasionally some can be seen naked 
    eye.  If you do this every night, by the second or third night you have 
    memorized the stars along your corresponding declination and instantly spot 
    newcomers.  You know you found one when when they slowly drift against the 
    background stars.  If you want more information read this old email from 
    2006 which has links that still work:
    - George Roberts
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