Bright flash - Iridium flare?

From: Dave Leighton (
Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 16:05:23 UTC

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      I was camped in the backcountry in the Sierra Nevada near Lake Tahoe 
    on August 14, 2010. Around 10:00 pm PST directly overhead there was a 
    very bright pinpoint flash that lasted 2-3 seconds. It was so bright 
    that my son saw the ground light up from inside his tent. I was looking 
    directly at it when it occurred and there was no sign of any object in 
    that location prior to or after the flash (no moving satellite, no 
    smoke, debris, trail, etc.) We spoke to another backpacker then next 
    morning who saw the flash and he assumed it was an Iridium flare. Could 
    this have been an Iridium flare? Any other ideas? I've see satellite 
    flares, but never anything close to this magnitude.
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