NOSS 3-2 A/C Flare Predictions

Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 16:35:50 UTC

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    I have generated the predictions for the next 24 hours. 
    The ground tracks can be downloaded at the following web page:
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    >----Messaggio originale----
    >Data: 17-ago-2010 12.23
    >A: <>, <>
    >Ogg: R: two flaring objects
    >The two flaring satellites were the NOSS 3-2 (A) and NOSS 3-2 (C). 
    >I would try to track their flares for the following days but I need a more 
    >position of the flare. Would you be able to better identify the sky area 
    >they flared?
    >Best Regards,
    >>----Messaggio originale----
    >>Data: 17-ago-2010 10.08
    >>A: <>
    >>Ogg: two flaring objects
    >>Hello from Finland!
    >>There is now several observations (including mine) of two very slowly
    >>moving flaring objects low on the Eastern sky from Finland. They are
    >>separated by few degrees and very bright (negative magnitude) staying
    >>bright for at least 15 seconds then fading quite rapidly. The
    >>brighness is something like Iridiums, but they stay longer bright and
    >>fade faster, the both objects fading at the same moment.
    >>They have been seen on August 11 at 20:45 UT (+/- 5 min) from
    >>Jyvaskyla (25.5E, 62.3N) and Muurame (25.6E, 62.1N) locations
    >>separated by 35 km N-S and August 16 at 22:40 UT (+/- 15 min) from
    >>Raasepori (23.7E, 60.0N).
    >>Any other observations or identification of the objects?
    >>Arto Oksanen
    >>Muurame, Finland
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