Oh Oh not again = possible unid ?

From: Kevin Fetter (kfetter@yahoo.com)
Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 15:18:47 UTC

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    I was playing back the video from last night, and I noticed a slow moving satellite, at least it looks like a satellite.
    At around 1:34:34 utc ( Aug 17 ) it passed close to a magnitude 8 star, called 
    TYC 5713 174 - tycho star catalog located at
    J2000 position at current date (proper motion included):
    Right ascension: 19h21m22.1625s
    Declination: -10 10' 34.091"
    It was heading in a eastern direction.
    So far no match.
    On the faint side, so won't be that nice to measure.
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