two flaring objects

From: Arto Oksanen (
Date: Tue Aug 17 2010 - 08:08:33 UTC

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    Hello from Finland!
    There is now several observations (including mine) of two very slowly
    moving flaring objects low on the Eastern sky from Finland. They are
    separated by few degrees and very bright (negative magnitude) staying
    bright for at least 15 seconds then fading quite rapidly. The
    brighness is something like Iridiums, but they stay longer bright and
    fade faster, the both objects fading at the same moment.
    They have been seen on August 11 at 20:45 UT (+/- 5 min) from
    Jyvaskyla (25.5E, 62.3N) and Muurame (25.6E, 62.1N) locations
    separated by 35 km N-S and August 16 at 22:40 UT (+/- 15 min) from
    Raasepori (23.7E, 60.0N).
    Any other observations or identification of the objects?
    Arto Oksanen
    Muurame, Finland
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