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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Mon Aug 16 2010 - 21:31:27 UTC

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    Hi Jay
    Its a nice scope but whether suitable for tracking satellite depends on what 
    you mean by "tracking"- also do you want to use it for astronomical 
    The basic scope is an f/10 instrument which means that you will have a 
    narrow field of view. If you want to image ISS Im sure the scope should do a 
    good job but for "normal" tracking you will have to try and get a wider 
    field of view so a focal reducer will be necessary and that will get you to 
    about f/6.5 approximately which is still rather too small in terms of field 
    of view. The "GOTO" part should be okay for pointing at predicted positions 
    but I have no idea if it will track a satellite on predictions. The smaller 
    aperture versions of the nexstar appear to be able to do the job. I have 
    never seen a nexstar in the "flesh" so cant say more - wouldnt mind one but 
    my pocket isnt deep enough !
    Im sure some other readers will be able to give you advice. I found the 
    manual on the internet so it might be worthwhile having a good read of this 
    Good luck
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