RE: Admin: policy for reporting high resolution ground-based imageryof Earth satellites

From: George (
Date: Mon Aug 16 2010 - 01:44:52 UTC

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    > As long as submitters are willing to document the methods and 
    > data, (he says
    > he is) then I don't see any difference.  Obviously some people 
    > are
    > "suspicious" of the results, so they should take their suspicions 
    > to the
    > submitter, shouldn't they?  They can then attempt to replicate 
    > the results,
    With satellite observations there are common errors even among the 
    most reliable.  Sometimes the time offsets are subtracted instead 
    of added so that the time is off by e.g. 10 seconds or 1 minute.  
    Sometimes someone makes a typo or mentions the wrong object id.
    In these cases the error is usually caught quickly, the original 
    observer goes over his notes again and fixes the mistake. In 
    science it's great if someone can verify your results.
    I really can't tell you if there is a parallel among "high res 
    ground imagery of sats".  Possibly not.
    However I can tell you that image processing techniques have made 
    stunning progress (blind deconvolution for example) and will 
    continue to make further progress.  If someone 20 years from now 
    wants to re-analyze a highly processed image on seesat-l and can't 
    get to the original they are out of luck.  In contrast, if someone 
    wants to use 10 years of ppas data to determine satellite 
    configuration based on flashes and sophisticated software, the 
    data is all available.
    - George Roberts
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