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From: Greg Roberts (
Date: Sat Aug 14 2010 - 07:52:28 UTC

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    Morning Ralph and others
    Many thanks for your reply. I do understand your viewpoint and I certainly 
    would not expect you to make available every single raw image that you get 
    but I would very much like to see a "before" and "after" image so that I can 
    better judge for myself what is real and what is not. I would also very much 
    like to see a description of how you get from the raw to the final image. I 
    dont think I can ever recall you mentioning what software you use so what Im 
    basically getting at is that anyone new to this field doesnt have much of a 
    clue about how to "go about it" and has to re-invent the wheel. With this 
    much of a barrier present it will not be easy to get people inspired to try 
    for themselves - I think this is also why readers generally have not 
    responded with comments about your images - its all "black magic" to them so 
    little or no interest.
    There are no doubt some who may be tempted but they need to be encouraged 
    and shown how it can be done.
    I personally have very little interest in high resolution imaging and to be 
    honest most of the time think its a total waste of effort but that could be 
    due to total ignorance on my part. One thing I do know is that I could never 
    even contemplate attempting such - I do not have the equipment, and more 
    importantly, I do not have the seeing conditions necessary for such imaging. 
    If I have seeing better than 12 arc seconds then I regard that as "very good 
    seeing" for my location. As a professional astronomer I often experienced 
    sub arc second seeing at the Observatory's outstation at Sutherland some 400 
    km away from Cape Town - once the seeing decayed to the 10 arc second level 
    we usually called it a night as the seeing was so bad the accuracy of our 
    photometric observations became too bad - we were attempting to work to 
    milli-magnitude accuracy , so unless I move location now its pointless doing 
    high resolution imaging.Adaptive optics might permit it but Im certainly not 
    going to go to that extreme!
    Now back to my low resolution geo imaging :-))
    Best wishes
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