Re: Admin: policy for reporting high resolution ground-basedimageryofEarth satellites

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Date: Fri Aug 13 2010 - 21:21:21 UTC

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    Hi Greg and others,
    Sharing knowledge or experiences has never be a problem for me. And I mean
    nobody has suggested that. If someone has questions about technique or about
    the images itself, be free to ask me. But unfortunately, to most imagery I
    have shown in the past time, zero reactions passed.
    When I post an image of an object, I'm always interested in background
    info and additional observations (visually or whatever) of the object as
    I'm mainly an imager and I know a lot about technique and I know much
    about the ISS which is my main subject and sufficient about
    the objects, but not as much as the real satellite observers.
    Honestly that was the reason that I joined the list here.
    So we can share information on whatever we are specialized at,
    and that's the nice thing about a list.
    Additionally, I'm sorry but I have to agree with the other point about
    copyright of raw data. When you are going to a wedding photographer
    or another professional photographer, there is little chance you will
    get the negatives of other orignals, you always get only the final result.
    Honestly, I am originally a professional photographer and that could be
    why I not agree with a requirement of providing raw data but in the
    amateur forums about astrophotography it has become normal that
    one provides raw frames and everyone can apply his processing.
    Due to this point, an atmosphere is created that one is obligatorily
    to do that,  when not, it already is suspecious.
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    > Afternoon all
    > I fully support Brian's comment in his message of Aug 12 at 18:59:09UT.
    > I have always regarded Seesat ( and Hearsat) as forums where one can learn
    > how to do different aspects of the hobbies we share. Those that have the
    > knowledge should do what they can to assist those who wish to achieve
    > similar results. I do not believe these newsgroups are  intended to be
    > places to show just how good one is at a particular task without being
    > prepared to detail how such a result was obtained so that anyone
    > sufficiently interested can do the same OR BETTER.
    > In the professional community where ones advance in ones career is based
    > "publish or perish" one has to safeguard ones particular skills to ensure
    > that the individual is not "piped" by someone else . In the amateur
    > I believe the situation is the opposite - one should be prepared to
    > full details as to how to do something etc , if not then dont post because
    > the contribution then has relatively little value to the furtherance of
    > hobbies and is more suited for posting to the  "Astronomical Picture of
    > Day" etc.
    > We are amateurs, we do it for fun, and do not make money from our specific
    > skills , so and our main purpose should be to ensure that others may do
    > same if they wish to.
    > I have frequently gone to quite considerable lengths in private emails to
    > assist people to achieve what I can do or have done and I sincerely hope
    > that the receipients  can provide me with "competition"  and even exceed
    > what I can do since then I could possibly learn more or improve the way I
    > things. The more people we have capable of producing useful results the
    > we can advance our hobby. We are all here to teach one another. Is not
    > "imitation the sincerest form of flattery?"
    > Thats my 1c's worth....
    > Cheers
    > Greg
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