Re: how do we call 'minimum'?

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Date: Wed Aug 11 2010 - 21:03:28 UTC

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    Thanks for you answer. I actually should meant a tumbling object. Here is
    the deal:
    I work on a high res observation of one of the oldest tumbling rockets in
    There are frames taken at the moments of maximum and minimum brightness.
    I need the right discribtion to annotate on the images, there are no real
    with this object but just minima and maxima.
    So I should have discribed it more precisely, my fault...
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    > > One question to the group. Cernerning a flashing satellite;
    > > Is there a special name used for the minimum in the pass?
    > > Maximum=flash and minimum= ?
    > >
    > > or is it just called minimum?
    > > Ralf
    > A flash is a quick, sharp rise in brightness. 'Minimum' is just the
    > normal state, so a satellite is usually at normal brightness with an
    > occasional flash.
    > A rotating object with a sine curve change in brightness would have
    > maximum and minimum.
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