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From: Jim Nix (jim@sat-tracks.org)
Date: Tue Aug 10 2010 - 09:44:30 UTC

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      Spot 5 fits nicely.  The camera's shutter opened (at 23:14:03 L)and caught the satellite descending from Left to Right and shows the trail to the bottom of the photo.  I note that it almost appulses SAO 3649 (a.k.a.
    TYC 3500-2418-1) at 23:14:08 @ azimuth 297.499, elevation 62.412. 
    Nice photo.
    Spot5, (Int. Desig.  02021A, Norad # 27421 ),is a 5 meter cylinder with 3 meter dia. with a predicted magnitude of 4.2 as seen from near Estes Park.
    As to why the violet coloring, I can't say, I do re-call from my SLR photos some pretty vivid colors.
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